Winning my first Paralympic goal ruined my life… but it ended up for the best.

Why I Don’t Feel Different When I Reach My Goals

August 1, 2022

Personal Development

You may have heard and know the phrase, “It’s about enjoying the journey, not just the destination”.

I have heard this time and time again from every Instagram guru out here. 

Shoot, I have even been known to quote it before actually taking the time to truly understand what this means and how to embody this principle. 

So there I was in 2018, standing on the podium in South Korea at the Paralympic Winter Games watching the American flag rise and crying as I listened to our national anthem over the loudspeaker. In the crowd I could see my husband, my two year old daughter, my parents, brother, and other family members standing in the crowds watching me receive my gold medal. I can only imagine what they thought I was feeling. Pride? Happiness? Excitement? 

While I was proud to stand in the spot I had been dreaming about, I wasn’t filled with joy or fulfillment. There I was,  finally at the destination, realizing because I missed out on enjoying the process I was also missing the enjoyment in the destination. 

My disconnect with this philosophy wasn’t about loving the journey, it was about loving myself where I was in the process.  

For 4 years leading up to the Paralympic Games in 2018, I sacrificed my body, my mind, my connections with my family, and my time to this dream. I bought into the idea that if I worked hard, gave my blood, sweat, and tears, then I would reap the benefits.

I can not say this enough, but that is some bullsh*t. 

You want the honest truth? You are never guaranteed the outcome. You are not guaranteed the gold medals, the promotion, the people in your life. Your hard work isn’t guaranteed to pay off the way you envision it, no matter how hard you try.

What is guaranteed? 

Right now, who you are at this moment. 

When you accept yourself for where you are, the person you are, then you can begin to not only love that person but you will love the process of becoming the person you dream to become. 

I can not stress this enough, achieving goals are not about what’s at the destination, but who you become in the process.

If you give up your values, your time, your love for yourself and others, where you end up at the destination doesn’t matter. Sacrificing the things that truly matter to you will steal your fulfillment from the achievement. Fulfillment comes from embracing who you are today, the challenges, the rewards, the little wins and disappointments. 

This isn’t meant to deter you from trying to achieve a specific goal, in fact it’s meant to inspire you even more. It’s meant to show you that you can live an amazing life and achieve greatness every single day by simply enjoying where you are now and not waiting till you have that one thing to “provide” you with that contentment. It will not come at the end of the journey, it will only come right now if you allow it. 

What are you waiting for to allow yourself the ability to be happy, to relax, to feel enough? 

Are you enjoying the process? If not, what is one small change you can make today to feel more at peace with where you are now and not just where you are heading? 

While much of this healing started with my decision to feel better in my life I did not do it alone. I have worked with a therapist and a life coach to better understand who I am now and where I want to go. More importantly, how I want to feel now and when I reach my destination.

If you’re ready to embody this way of life, I have an opening to work with 1 more client. If you’re ready to start living in peace now while still achieving your goals I am your gal to help. I did not get here alone, and I am proud of that fact. 

Click this link to gain more information on what working with me is like! I am always happy to jump on a clarity call to walk you through what personal coaching is, what you can gain, and how to use it to your advantage. 

In case you haven’t told yourself today, you are already enough.

I love you, 

Brenna Huckaby

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