80% of people don’t set goals and they are missing out on the good life.

3 Reasons You Should Set Goals- & It’s Not What You Think

September 19, 2023


Did you know, 80% of people do not set goals… 80 %!? When I read that I audibly gasped because I can’t think of a single year in my life where I did not set goals. Seriously, they’ve been the very thing that kept me moving forward in life since I was a small child. I will say though, that my idea of goals has shifted and my goal of having goals has completely changed.

This podcast episode dives into everything you need to know about setting goals, plus more because lets be real I would rather have all the information before doing things that change my life than go in half ready!


When we first learned about goals in school it was in the professional, more traditional sense. Like if you do XYZ, then you’ll be traditionally more successful; like having more money, status, or material possessions, you know the deal. My thing is the traditional values of success do nothing for me now. Seriously, I can’t make myself care… minus financial stability from keeping my family from starving; excess just isn’t my thing. Maybe it’s the idea of late-stage capitalism or consumerism destroying our beautiful world, or maybe I’ve just matured and seen that those possessions do not add purpose to my life. The moral of the story is my values aren’t aligned with material things. Today, my goals are set for the personal, intrinsic development of how I ENJOY life which in my opinion has the biggest results. 

Catalyst For Change

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re a part of the 80% of people who don’t set goals I am going to convince you how they can be the thing that absolutely impacts your life more positively. See, goals allow for a clearer road map to where you want to go, what you want to experience, or who you want to become. More than that, they give you a reflection point. You always have a place where you can look at how far you’ve come in relation to your goals. This can get you excited for more change or peace in where you’ve grown.  It’s seriously a powerful tool for appreciating your life as it is now. See goals are the catalyst for change. It’s a point of control in a life you have no control over. We really don’t have total control over the outcome of our lives, but at least it gives us control over the general direction. When I set goals for myself 3 things happen. 1. I have something to look forward to and a place to reflect upon. I can begin seeing moments of transformation to celebrate myself for. 2. I open myself up to new experiences and relationships. I find myself in new environments and challenge myself to grow in new ways. 3. I learn more deeply who I am and who I want to become. There is no wrong way to life, but there is a way that feels best for you and goals allow you to keep track of that insight.

A Balanced Wellbeing

I have great news for you, goals don’t have to be about money, careers, or external changes. Sometimes the biggest and best goals are about your personal wellbeing. Personally, I have set more goals for myself around confidence, self-esteem, speaking up, or just being out of my comfort zone whenever the opportunity presents itself. Having these goals isn’t about limiting you or punishing you if you don’t reach them, it is simply an opportunity for greater self-awareness of how you’re spending your life. You know that feeling when you’re driving your car along the highway for miles only to randomly come to and realize you’ve zoned out and can’t remember the last thirty minutes of the drive? Yeah, life kind of moves the same way. When we get into these mundane routines they become autopilot and we begin missing out on making memories of our lives. We turn our brains off and just let life take over. See goals, especially the personal transformation ones, break that routine up and we are able to experience our day-to-day lives more deeply. We are using our brains in new ways and our life reflects this. 

New Experiences, Opportunities, and Relationships.

I have been the test dummy and what I know to be true is when we have these goals, they toss us out of our routines and we find ourselves in new, exciting places. Maybe our goals put us into new habits which then send us into new social groups which then throws us into new goals and the cycle continues. Goals grant us the opportunity to be in the unexpected. I have found, that the more I lean into my goals the more the only thing I can expect is being in the uncomfortable and seeing personal growth. I don’t know about you, but when i first started to see this change I was nervous, but as I continue to mature and grow older I am so thankful for these opportunities. Life was meant to be experienced to its fullest, but the only way to do this is to lean in, get weird, and say yes to yourself. 

Look, if this short blog post hasn’t convinced you to jump into the 20% of people who set goals then maybe listening to this episode of the Gold Medal Mindset Podcast will. Link is right here, babes! In this episode, I really get into detail about the need to set goals, the powerful and beautiful benefits, and stories of how goals have changed my life for the better. Bet on yourself today, you know I am right there with you. We got this.

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