I am a 3 x Gold Medalist Paralympic snowboarder, cancer survivor, content creator, disability educator, & mama to two gal pals. 

I'm Brenna

Hey there, 

I wasn't always this self loving, body confident gold medalist....

Now to address the elephant in the room... 

In fact, just 4 years ago I found myself at rock bottom, or in this case rock top of the podium...

I knew there had to be a better way of living.

After winning my first Paralympic Games in 2018 I thought I was finally going to be happy. I had worked tirelessly for 6 years giving my blood, sweat, and tears. I missed pivotal moments in my daughter's life while I was working, but I thought that's how success was supposed to be. I believe the Paralympic gold medals were going to give me the self fulfillment, self love, and sense of worth I so desperately needed.

Newsflash… it didn't. I was left depressed, anxious, unhappy, and needing a new way of living because this was unsustainable.

 I dove head first into benefiting my mental health, which led me to constantly researching the latest news on self worth, performance, and wellness. I dedicated the next 4 years of my life (as a Paralympian/Olympian we live 4 years at a time lol) to my self worth to see if I could be happy, self loving, and successful. 

In 2022, I won my third Paralympic Gold (against women less disabled than me and I had to take the Paralympic Committee to court to even compete, again a story for another day). Winning these medals made me realize yes we can.

My story about being triumphant on the podium and with my mental health would never have happened if I didn't lose my leg.

See, I became an amputee in 2010 due to a rare bone cancer (shout out to any other sarcoma survivors). Before that, my life was all things gymnastics. I was totally that kid that wore the "eat, sleep, gymnastics" clothing). I  was even on my way to a college scholarship before my life was transformed. 

I have made it a personal mission to provide resources to other people going through life and mobility challenge so they can have a quicker healing path than I did. 

 We can be at the top of our industry and enjoy life in the process of getting there. We don't have to sacrifice ourselves to do so.

I guess you can say I have lived two lives: one in an able body and the other a disabled body. Gosh if I had a nickel for everything I had to unpack, unlearn, relearn between the physical aspects of being an amputee as well as the mental hurdles between starting life over and unconscious ableism I would be one rich lady. 

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These days you can find me:

My Favorite Things

My gal pal girls are my reason for shedding light in this world. Like look at those sweet faces!  

my happy place!

Snowboarding brings me so much joy and freedom! It's funny though because fall and spring are my favorite seasons! 

My sweet husband! We've been together for over 8 years and married for 3. He's my best friend and the only person who can make me try new things. 

My Favorite Things

HALLOWEEN! We take it Seriously in my home! 

My Gold Medal Mindset Community. I am truly honored to be able to show up, share, and serve such incredible people. 

My Snowboard team! We are stronger together. 



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