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About brenna

I am a 3 x Gold Medalist Paralympic Snowboarder welcoming you to this little slice of the internet where I can unapologetically share all the juicy, real, & raw mindset tools that make me a gold medalist. I  don't shy away from the difficult conversations here because in order to grow we have to get a little uncomfortable (growing pains, right?).  So grab a cup of coffee (or a sparkling bevvy), take your leg off (or whatever makes you feel more comfortable... lookin at you, bra), & settle into your favorite comfy chair, because on this page we learn how to all become gold medalists in life. 

I'm Brenna Huckaby

Hey ya'll!

my story

I am a mama to 2 gal pals, a personal development educator, a loud & proud disability inclusion advocate, and a world traveling, gold medal snowboarder who is always practicing mental wellness with a tsunami splash of self care practices on the side.  You can find me with my current drink of choice, a hard kombucha (it’s healthy, right?) and with a good book in hand.

I learned the hard way that self worth, happiness, and fulfillment does not come from achieving your goals, instead it comes from enjoying life in the process. I am incredibly passionate about educating and helping high performers dismantle the idea that success requires blood, sweat, tears, self-sacrifice, and your first born child. I will scream it from the roof tops, you can be at the top of your industry and still live life of ease.

Want to know more? Check out my story, it's a good one! 

Brenna here,

Nice to meet you. 


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